Antique Framed Wax Seal Impression - Scott Baker, Bishop of Zanzibar

A rather unusual and rare vintage framed wax impression for the Bishop of Zanzibar by the notable UK sculptor, Cecil Thomas, dated 1943.  

Impression Detail

The simple frame is made of stained black wood and on the reverse an original paper label affixed reading: 108 OLD BROMPTON ROAD, SOUTH KENSINGTON LONDON SW7 TEKEPHONE FREEMANTLE 537

The front of the frame is simply glazed behind which is visible the seal impression.  It is formed by a putty-coloured material, with the impression sooted to produce a rich, 3-dimensional image.  The impression reads:


In the lower right hand corner is affixed an original paper with the name Cecil Thomas F.R.B.S. d: et f:

Impression Specification

Height of frame: 150mm (5.90")

Width of frame: 113mm (4.44")

Depth of frame: 15mm (0.59")

Condition: In generally very good condition, the frame is strong and intact, the glazed panel is not damaged and the whole feels secure.  There appears to be some tiny specks of white material under the glass which has probably come from the wax impression itself over time but could easily be removed by a framing person!