Seal Library Books

Over the past thirty years of collecting wax seals, we have also amassed a library of seal-related books which has grown over time. Consequently, the library now amounts to some 300+ titles and contains a wide range of subjects within the seal topic. Some of these books are modern and written by fellow-collectors, some are several hundred years old and detail specific seal uses, for example the volumes attributed to the Papal State collections. The range of languages is also varied and includes just about every European language imaginable including Latin, of course!

It should also be said that books that were used on a day-to-day basis and NOT included within the Matrix Collection Library , comprise those reference books that concentrate on researching ancestry, including European nobility (but especially English & Scottish) armorials and mottos. These are wonderful books, all leather bound and nicely worn and the pages patinated with use over time that have become like old friends to my father and I. Many have post-its stuck all over the pages to remind us not to forget the now-forgotten!