Striated Agate, Silver and Chalcedony Motto and Crest Desk Wax Seal

An agate handled desk seal with ornate silver mount and chalcedony cartouche matrix engraved with crest and motto.

Seal Detail

The striking handle of this seal is made of a striated agate of mixed, predominantly greys with flat top and tapering stem to an ornately engraved or cast cushion mount and collar, the chalcedony matrix formed in a cartouche style and engraved with crest of three ears of wheat and motto. The motto reads: IN DEO SPES (My Hope Rests in God) 

Seal Specification

Height 76mm (2.99")

Diameter of matrix 19mmx 22mm (0.74"x0.86")

Weight 48g (1.69oz)