Silver Triple Spinning French Marquis Armorial Hand Seal

A well proportioned hallmarked, solid silver French triple spinning hand seal with three engraved matrices for a Marquis. This example of the highly collected triple spinners is very well presented with fully working spring lock on the ornately carved suspension loop handle.

Seal Detail

This 18th century French triple spinning hand seal is formed with an ornately carved handle incorporating suspension loop at top, with a spring-loaded silver trap as prat of the stem.  This allows the user to select one of the three silver engraved matrices and "lock" it into place before using.  Typically, this part of the mechanism has been broken but this example is in excellent condition and works as intended.  The three matrices are well engraved with different designs, all intended to be used by the same person but offering a choice of formality when writing a letter - whether it be armorial, crest or simply initials AJ.

Seal Specification

Height 40mm (1.57")

Diameter of (3) matrices 17mmx18mm (0.66"x0.70")

Weight 30g (1.05oz)