Pinchbeck Gold Spinning Wheel Fob with Five Seals

A stunning spinning wheel desk seal made with a Pinchbeck gold wheel and collar coupled to a gold metal suspension hoop.  The wheel comprises five individual matrices, each one showing a different sentimental image or picture.  The intricate nature of the craftmanship displayed on the wheel gives an indication to the quality of the piece.

Seal Detail

The spinning wheel offers five individual matrices, in both subject and material used.  They comprise the following:

Chalcedony KEEP WITHIN
Onyx Image of tree, angel and Providence eye

The intricately carved wheel with its particularly ornate spokes provide a very attractive setting for the five sentimental matrices, which would undoubtedly be used by the owner when replying to personal correspondence, depending on which sentiment was wanted.  The pinchbeck gold was a technology invented in the early 18th century by Christopher Pinchbeck (died 1732), a London clock and watch-maker who wanted to develop a means of providing a gold-looking object but without the associated cost of the 18 carat gold which was typically used.  In his version of Pinchbeck, a combination of copper and zinc was used to provide for areas that could be treated but without the cost nor the risk of theft, for example on carriages.

Seal Specification

Height: 53mm (2.08")

Width of wheel: 30mm (1.18")

Weight: 13g (0.45oz)

Condition: The whole is presented in excellent original condition. The body of the wheel appears free from any defect and the mechanism run smoothly.  Each of the five matrices are intact and appear to be damage free.