Medieval Silver Personal Seal Set With Roman Intaglio and Inscription - Robert Iggan

A superb rare example of a 14th century medieval silver personal seal set with 1st-2nd century Roman carnelian intaglio.

Seal Detail

A rare medieval silver seal matrix with suspension loop set with a Roman carnelian intaglio, carved with a depiction of Hercules fighting the Nemean lion, with his club lying behind him.  The circumscription reads +SIGILL:ROBERTI*IGGAN - the personal seal of a Robert Iggan.  

Seal Specification

Height 30mm (1.18")

Diameter of matrix 20mmx25mm (0.78"x0.98")

Diameter of intaglio: 9mmx13mm (0.35"x0.51")

Weight 7g (0.24oz)