French Revolutionary c1795 Comite de Police et de Survelance Desk Seal

Seal Detail

An unusual and attractive seal matrix from the French Revolutionary period c1795 representing an interesting subject.  The flat brass oval matrix is well engraved with a central shield comprising the revolutionary LIBERTE and EGALITE in front of the fasces with a phrygian cap placed on top - fasces were seen as a reference to the "imagined spirit of the early Roman republic [and] its assertion of ideals of liberty and justice against tyranny" Wikipedia.

The shield and fasces are framed by crossed oak branches with an inscription reading:


A seal for the parliamentary committee of the French National Convention which acted as police agency during the French Revolution.  Presented in remarkably good condition with the reverse showing a handle removed with signs of solder.

Seal Specification

Height 2mm

Diameter of matrix  25mmx30mm 

Weight 11g