c1790 French Bronze Archbishop Desk Seal

A large bronze socket matrix dating to c1790 for the Archbishop of Vienna, Charles du Bois de Sanzay.

Seal Detail

An impressive sized bronze socket matrix, well engraved and presented in excellent condition, made for Charles Francois d'Aviau du Bois de Sanzay born 7 August 1736 and died 11 July 1826.  This seal was made to commemorate his elevation to the position of Archbishop of Vienna (3 January 1790-1801), a position he held before assuming the role of Archbishop of Bordeaux. The circular matrix is well engraved with a central shield under a Catholic cardinal cap coupled with 15 tassles for the position of Archbishop. Within a decorated border is the circumscription


Seal Specification

Height 34mm (1.33")

Diameter of matrix  45mmx50mm (1.77"x1.96")

Weight 123g (4.33oz)