Early Steel and Wood Greek Inscription Desk Seal

Seal Detail

An intriguing desk seal of steel and wood construction, both for its subject matter and also its apparent use of a later handle to an earlier matrix.  The handle, of baluster form with flat top, tapering stem to a steel collar and integrated oval matrix, engraved with a central shield comprising an elephant with palm tree behind, greek inscription above and supported by feathered fronds, all within a beaded border.  The steel matrix gives the air of age, especially given the use of feathered fronds and the somewhat naive engraving of the (beautiful!) elephant with tusks.   

I am no greek expert and so cannot shed light on the meaning of the inscription and the Omega sign.  However, the handle does appear to be of a more modern form and can only suppose it is a later addition.  

Seal Specification

Height 75mm

Diameter of matrix 24mmx28mm 

Weight 28g