18thC Catholic Notary Brass and Wood Desk Seal

Seal Detail

This seal is formed with a turned hardwood handle of bulbous form to an oval brass matrix, well engraved with both the arms and achievement of Catholic priest within a border and circumscription reading * SIG.NOTAR.APOSTE.P.GALLICARTIER.O.S.B

This interesting seal has evidently been used as an everyday tool given its worn patina with historic scratches and historic loss of section of the handle showing the brass fixing post. Despite this obvious sign of wear and use this should not detract from what is a fascinating tool form the 18th century and was presumably the official seal of a notary who was also titled and an ordained Catholic priest. What is unsure is the place that he worked but likely France, Italy or Spain.

Seal Specification

Height 85mm

Diameter of matrix 30mm x 35mm

Weight 100g