Antique c1800 Dukes of Richmond Mother of Pearl Hand Wax Seal

Seal Detail

A superb English hand seal dating to c1800 comprising a variety of materials including agate, silver and mother-of-pearl and an elaborate armorial.

The slightly tapering peg formed banded agate handle is coloured from dark grey through to pale grey and terminates in a decoratively engraved silver band collar leading to a finely fluted bone cushion mount, attached to a rectangular matrix made of fine mother-of-pearl , well engraved with the arms of the Dukes of Richmond.  The later adoption of the coat "surtout" (for the Dukedom of Aubigny) by 1861 dates this hand seal to 1800-1860.

Seal Specification

Height 56mm (2.20")

Diameter of matrix  22mmx27mm (0.86"x1.06")

Weight 19g (0.67oz)