C1800 Steel Fob Seal - Earl of Winchelsea, Earl of Nottingham

Seal Detail

A high grade steel fob seal, the handle of typical form with suspension loop at top, the oval matrix well engraved with the arms comprising shield of a chevron between three griffins, passant, wings endorsed sable (Finch), with motto within a lined border reading:

SIBI NIL CONSCIRE ("Do not seek outside of yourself")

Given the seal's likely date of c1800, it is believed that it was made for the 9th or 10th Earl. The 9th Earl died unmarried and was succeeded by his first cousin once removed, the 10th Earl, son of George Finch-Hatton (1747–1823) (who had assumed the additional surname of Hatton), son of the Hon. Edward Finch, fifth son of the 2nd Earl of Nottingham, and his wife the Hon. Anne Hatton, who was the daughter of Christopher Hatton, 1st Viscount Hatton (see the Viscount Hatton) and a relation of the famous Sir Christopher Hatton. The 10th Earl is famous for his duel with the Duke of Wellington, who was Prime Minister at the time. The duel, which was over the issue of Catholic emancipation and related to insulting remarks made by the Earl, took place at Battersea Fields on 21 March 1829. Both men deliberately aimed wide and Winchilsea apologised.

Seal Specification

Height 30mm

Diameter of matrix  21mmx24mm 

Weight 16g