19th Century Boxwood & Brass LA TAMBOUR Marseille Desk Ink Stamp

Very substantial French boxwood and brass desk ink stamp with engraver's name and address and matrix engraved with stylised image of a Drum Major with inscription under reading LA TAMBOUR.

Stamp Detail

This is a rare and unusual ink stamp, being made of wood and in such wonderful condition and also because of its impressive size, being made of boxwood with brass band around the top and metal band around the base.  The stamp was made in the 19th century and the maker's name and address is branded into the handle's stem, reading: 




Sadly, the address no longer exists, the Place having been demolished as part of urban remodelling in the early 20th century, around 1910-12.  However, the Templars had a very strong presence in the French region of Provence and many ancient parts draw reference to Les Templiers.

Stamp Specification

Height overall: 190mm (7.48")

Diameter of matrix: 77mm (3.03")

Weight: 443g (15.62oz)