Antique Bronze Dated 1635 Polish Guild Wax Seal

An early German/Polish Guild seal, in brass depicting a horse-powered mill dated 1635 and with circumscription.

Seal Detail

The seal is engraved with a central scene of a working mill, powered by a pair of horses and driven by a man brandishing a whip with the inscription above reading IN POM:, with a date 1635 above and a circumscription reading:


The desk seal is believed to be the guild seal for the millers or maybe even blacksmiths from the Pommen region which is a formerly German region in today's Poland.  The mention of the word Schwarzmangel would indicate the colour black which is often associated with iron, so it is possible that this is for a mill associated with iron ore prior to melting.

Seal Specification

Height 5mm (0.12")

Diameter of matrix 44mm (1.73")

Weight 58g (2.04oz)