Antique Silver, Gold, Enamel & Lapis Wax Desk Seal

Seal Detail

A superb antique hand wax seal comprising cast silver figure of a lady standing on gold and enamel mount with lapis matrix.

The captivating cast image of the standing lady, dressed in greek robe is holding a chalice in one hand and crozier in the other.  She stands on a silver disc,  to the fluted gold mount with red enamel with a superbly decorated cushion with white and blue enamel work.  The matrix is of lapis lazuli hardstone of square form with canted corners and engraved with the stylised lady's name, ELLEN.

Seal Specification

Height 57mm (2.24")

Diameter of matrix  14mmx14mm (0.55"x0.55")

Weight 32g (1.12oz)