Antique Brass Desk Stamp of The Franciscan Sisters of Nazareth Capuchins

A well made and interesting seal stamp made with wood and brass for the religious Order  of Franciscans to be used with ink.  The design is quite intricate and adds charm to this stamp which shows an image of bother the Franciscan Order together with the Sisters of Nazareth.

Stamp Detail

The brass stamp of is made of a vessica form with a central motif comprising several people standing on a building roof, with what appears like clouds below.  The lower image depicts a pair of crossed arms with cross on a hatched ground.  In addition, there is a circumscription which reads:


The Franciscan Sisters of Nazareth are today part of the section of the Franciscan Order known as the Capuchins.  Having Nazareth in the title of their Order, the holy house of Nazareth is represented on the stamp.  The imagery must relate to the legend of the transportation by angels in 1291 over the waves of the sea of the Holy House of Nazareth in Loreto in Italy.  BVM and Child are seated on the roof.