A Very Unusual English Gold, Enamel and Hardstone Desk Seal

A stunning desk seal, not only of unusual shape and form but made meticulously made with the finest materials and the matrix curiously well engraved with a crab and the numbers 22 and 11.

Seal Detail

A very unusual gold, enamel and hardstone desk seal, British, probably circa 1900, of sloping ingot form, surmounted by the cast figure of a recumbent lion, the sides colourfully decorated in shaded basse-taille enamels with the rose, thistle, shamrock and leek symbols of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, above a double matrix enigmatically engraved with a crab between the numerals 22 and 11.

Provenance: Anonymous vendor, Wooley & Wallis, 31 March 1999, lot 370

Seal Specification

Height 20mm (0.78")

Width of matrix 28mm (1.10")

Weight 20g (0.70oz)