A Smoky Quartz Russian Desk Seal, Circa 1860

A Smoky Quartz Russian Desk Seal, Circa 1860

Deep fluted and faceted cap above a short waisted shaft, the oval integral matrix engraved with coat of arms comprising a mantled shield below the coronet of an untitled nobleman.

The arms are those of Kropotkin.  This noble Russian house traces its origins from Rurik, first grand-duke of Russia and founder of the dynasty.  Yuri Sviatoslavovitch was prince of Smolensk; his grandson, Prince Dmitri Kropotka Vassilievitch, left there in 1404.  He took refuge in Moscow and was granted appanages in Mojaisk and Rjev.  The family settled in Riazan towards the end of the 16th century.  They are inscribed in the Velvet Book as among the thousand nobles of Moscow.

Height: 40mm

Height of matrix: 32mm

Weight: 75g