19thC Continental Triple Spinning Wood & Steel Armorial Desk Seal

Seal Detail

A Continental spinning desk seal, dating from the early 19th century, and comprising wood handle and steel framework supporting a spinning drum of triple matrices.  The handle, of turned boxwood of rounded top form tapers to the chased steel framework, elaborately decorated with floral work and supporting the revolving drum comprising triple matrices; the first comprises a shield with three stars above a bird, under a helm and mantling.  The second is engraved with stylised initials IF within a lined border.  The third has been engraved in the past but the remnants are barely visible which may suggests they have been erased purposefully. 

The seal is unusual in the wood and steelwork combination and suggests its origins to be Italy or Spain. The handle displays an aged crack from the steel collar vertically and the steelwork, although beautifully decorated appears to be slightly twisted - suggesting that too much downward pressure has been put onto it in the past - which in turn might explain the crack.

Seal Specification

Height 80mm

Diameter of matrix  15mm 

Weight 23g