19thC Continental Lapis & Silver Double Matrices Count's Armorial Desk Seal

Seal Detail

An unusual and highly attractive Continental desk seal, dating to the 19th century and comprised of double lapis matrices within a lapis and silver framework. The handle, consisting of two ends, is asymmetrical in style but share a common centre hub of a lapis "ball" within a decorative silver pattern cage-work.  Both ends comprise silver stems of a decorative nature, one end finishing to a circular matrix, the other a rectangular matrix with rounded corners.  Each matrix is engraved in lapis stone, one featuring a stylised cypher and the other a pair of armorial shields (marriage) under a Count's coronet.  The silver is stamped with both a maker's mark CW? and silver guarantee.

In very good condition with no discernible damage to the silver nor lapis matrices.

Seal Specification

Height 70mm

Diameter of matrices:  Rectangular 14mmx14mm & Circular 14mm 

Weight 47g