18thc Continental Wood Steel Personal Notary Desk Seal

Seal Detail

An unusual and beguiling notary desk seal dating to the end of the 18th century, comprising a turned wooden handle of slender knopp form, fitted to a plain, narrow brass collar and oval steel matrix, engraved with a standing, bearded figure of a man in period military dress, with pike in one hand and the other resting on a quartered shield featuring two birds and two hammers and an inscription reading:


The personal seal of a notary, although his identity has not helped with identifying the country of origin, although the Lowlands seems best guess.  The military dress is interesting and he may well have been in the army himself and holding a shield with arms that he was entitled to use.   Curiously, there is also the letter D at the base which does not lend itself to any likely explanation.

Seal Specification

Height 75mm

Diameter of matrix  23mmx26mm 

Weight  42g