Circa 1875 Way Office Desk Seal - Oak Point, Kings County, New Brunswick

Seal Detail

Turned wood handle with flat top and baluster form tapering to narrow brass banded collar and circular matrix, the centre engraved with royal crown and circumscription reading:


The seal was likely made in the third quarter of the 19th century for the Way Office (a mail office equivalent to the pony express) for Oak Point.  This small town was described in 1866 as " ......... a farming community with about 36 resident families, including 8 Flewelling families: in 1871 it had a population of 150: in 1898 Oak Point was a farming settlement with 1 post office, 1 store, 1 hotel, 1 sawmill, 1 lighthouse, 1 church and a population of 235." (Provincial Archives of New Brunswick)

Seal Specification

Height: 100mm

Width of matrix: 28mm

Weight: 69g