A 17th Century English Silver-Gilt Fob Seal

A 17th Century English Silver-Gilt Fob Seal

A well engraved and stunning looking silver fob seal which has been well engraved with a matrix of the owner's crest and an integral silver handle with suspension loop.  Fob seals made of silver are highly collectible because of their precious metal status and this one is doubly so because it has a set of armorials that can identify the original owner back to the mid 17th century. 

Desk Seal Detail

The seal body is cast in silver with a flattened round pierced knop, above a single disc, almost faceted everted cushion, the integral oval matrix engraved with a coat of arms incorporating crest, helm, floppy mantling and shield.

The crest description is as follows: out of clouds azure a crescent argent, between the horns a star of six points or

The arms: azure a fess between three crescents argent

The arms belong to a family whose surname is Hodges and who lived originally in Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire.  

Desk Seal Specifications

Height: 21mm (0.82")

Height of matrix: 23mm (0.90")

Weight: 12g (0.42oz)