Aug 30, 2023

13:00pm - 18:00pm


Upcoming Auction in Stowmarket, Suffolk

Once again, and due to the success of our regional auctions to date, we have selected a number of historical and fascinating desk and hand seals to honour the region of the UK situated to the east of London, bordering the North Sea and commonly termed The Wash, comprising the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk.  In order to give due credit to their neighbouring counties of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, we have seals associated with these too!  Our friends at Bishop & Miller are a highly respected auction house that we are delighted to work with again and who better than B&M to deal with anything Suffolk and Norfolk?  

Things You Should Know

We have carefully selected around 30 lots to be included in this sale and these are wide-ranging in topic, age and purpose.  Although we have not yet concluded the final list yet (don’t worry, we will let you know in plenty of time!) we can assure you that we have some cracking good desk and hand seals, from an early silver Sheriff seal for Suffolk to magnificent ornate personal armorial seals for significant, wealthy families from this important region.

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Join us at the auction

I am particularly keen to be around to take part in all the excitement leading up to and including the sale itself and have arranged to be in Stowmarket for the auction.

If you happen to be making your way to Stowmarket and would like to meet up and chat seals, then please get in touch via the Contact page.