Welcome to Sigillum Seals: A Journey Through Time

Welcome to Sigillum Seals, where history and artistry converge in our meticulously curated showroom. Our collection boasts the finest hand and desk seals from the Middle Ages, medieval, and modern periods, crafted from precious materials such as silver and gold. Join us on a tour through our facility, where we combine the art of wax melts with historical research, filming, and live auctions to bring these timeless pieces to life.

A Glimpse into the Past

As you enter our showroom, you are immediately immersed in a world where every item tells a story. Our permanent displays feature pieces collected by my father and me over many years. Although these treasures are not for sale, they embody the rich history and craftsmanship that Sigillum Seals represents. Among our prized possessions are collections of wax impressions, including a personal collection from a Frenchman who meticulously mounted them on boards in a cupboard.

One particularly intriguing piece is a double-sided wax seal, an exquisite example of the art form that once dominated seal-making. The craftsmanship required to create such an impression is awe-inspiring, reflecting the skill and dedication of wax engravers of the past.

Treasured Seals and Their Stories

In our showroom, you will find a variety of seals, each with its own unique charm. One of my favourites is a mushroom-handled wax seal with an ivory and silver matrix—a combination I consider the epitome of elegance. We also delve into the complexities of heraldry, showcasing a silver matrix with an intricate armorial design that remains a puzzle to this day.

Our collection includes a book published by my father in 2012, ‘The Matrix Collection’, a valuable reference that we keep readily available. This book serves as a testament to our commitment to preserving and understanding the history of seals.

Beyond Seals: Historical Artefacts

While our primary focus is on seals, our showroom also features related historical artefacts. For instance, we have Georgian quills and leather travelling packs, which highlight the art of calligraphy. These goose quills, used for writing during the Georgian period, are a joy to handle and display, adding a touch of historical authenticity to our collection.

One notable item is a French stamp with a beautiful patina, a testament to the enduring appeal of historical objects. Another cherished piece is a silver matrix seal presented to John Singleton, Lord Lyndhurst, in 1831 by King William IV. The depth of the engraving on this seal is simply phenomenal, reflecting the high regard in which Singleton was held.

The Art of Wax Melts

Wax melts have become an integral part of our work at Sigillum Seals. Although my father and I rarely engaged in this practice, we have come to appreciate the fun and intricacy involved. Different types of wax have unique qualities, and through trial and error, we have discovered the best ones for our purposes. While we sometimes use wax guns for multiple impressions, I personally prefer the traditional method of melting wax over a flame.

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A Personal Touch

Our showroom also features personal collections that hold sentimental value. Among them is a collection of toy cars that have played a role in our lives, with my favourite being the Bristol 411 Series 2—a quintessential example of British engineering.

We take pride in our photography setup, which is essential for capturing the beauty of our seals for live auctions. Despite its simplicity, our setup allows us to showcase each seal's intricate details effectively.

The Heart of Our Showroom

Our showroom is not just a place for displaying seals; it's a space where we engage in research, wax melts, and customer interactions. We are also home to some beloved plants, such as Annie the Aum and Boris the banana plant, which add a touch of nature to our environment.

Adorning our walls are oil paintings by Admir Pavari, an Albanian artist whose work is collected by a great friend of Sigillum Seals. These paintings enhance the aesthetic appeal of our showroom and create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Looking Ahead

We are thrilled to have this showroom, which provides the perfect setting for our activities and future plans. We aim to expand our educational outreach, engaging younger generations in the importance of seals. 

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