19thC Gold, Mother-o-Pearl & Hardstone "Hand" Desk Wax Seal

Seal Detail

A rare and richly decorated "hand" desk seal dating to the mid 19th century, the upper portion made out of mother-of-pearl and beautifully fashioned into the form of a hand, in its clenched fist is formed a gold "seal" with two ends of hardstones (banded agate and lapis), each engraved with initials AR or WR.  The main stem is composed of a superb hardstone in red (bloodstone) behind a richly ornate gold lattice work integral to the golden collar and mount, each decorated in a beautiful repeating pattern, the rectangular bloodstone matrix with rounded corners engraved with an armorial and crest, as yet unidentified.

In superb original condition with no discernible damage to stones, M-O'-P nor gold.

Seal Specification

Height 47mm

Diameter of main matrix 13mmx15mm 

Smaller matrices  7mm 

Weight 24g