c1935 Antique Silver and Hardstones Personal Desk Wax Seal - Dr. Karl Anklam

Seal Detail

A flamboyant silver and hardstones desk seal, made in Germany circa 1935 and attributed to the charismatic and notable politician, Dr. Karl Anklam.  The handle of most unusual form and made of silver with a very fluid design of floral intertwining branches with flowers, the top set with a large garnet-type stone and the stem set with multiple hardstones of various colours, tapering to a silver base, the rim cast with raised letters to form the name of the owner, KARL . ANKLAM, the circular silver matrix well engraved with armorial, comprising shield, helm, crest and mantling; the crest relating to the family Anklam.

In superb condition and a rare and unusual form - one aquamarine stone appears to be broken but on closer inspection, the damage is internal rather than external.

For a  brief (fascinating) biography of this dynamic politician, click on the link below:


Seal Specification

Height 77mm

Diameter of matrix  28mm 

Weight 72g