c1831 Mahogany Copper Desk Seal - William ROSCOE

Seal Detail

A hardwood and copper desk seal from the 19th century, the handle of turned mahogany of baluster form with flat top, tapering stem to an oval copper matrix, engraved with a the bust of a gentleman with the inscription ROSCOE and engraver's name A LATHAM, whom was a celebrated engraver in his day. John Latham (1740-1837).

Presented in very fine condition with patina to the brass collar.  The seal was engraved as a memorial to the celebrated WIlliam ROSCOE, (8 March 1753 – 30 June 1831), an English banker, lawyer, and briefly a Member of Parliament. He is best known as one of England's first abolitionists, and as the author of the poem for children The Butterfly's Ball, and the Grasshopper's Feast. In his day he was also respected as a historian and art collector, as well as a botanist and miscellaneous writer.  This is a fine desk seal and enhanced by having the engraver's name alongside. 

Seal Specification

Height 100mm

Diameter of matrix  15mmx20mm 

Weight 64g