c1800 Gold and Bloodstone Fob Seal - Salop Fire Office

Seal Detail

A gold and bloodstone fob seal dating to c1800, the handle with suspension loop and ornately carved stem and cushion mount with circular bloodstone matrix, engraved with a central armorial and circumscription reading:


The arms are those of the town of Shrewsbury in the Co. Shropshire, featuring three leopard's heads.  The Salop Fire Office was established in 1780 and enjoyed a privileged position locally until 1837 when a rival office, the Shropshire and North Wales Assurance Company was formed.  These offices were united with the Alliance Assurance Company Ltd. in 1890.  The County Fire Office Ltd. became a part of the Alliance Assurance Co Ltd in 1906.  The Alliance also maintained the Salop Fire Brigade before it was taken over by Shrewsbury Corporation in 1918, and the Bishop's Castle, Welshpool and Bridgenorth Fire Brigades.

Seal Specification

Height 30mm

Diameter of matrix  15mm 

Weight 10g