Early German Notarial Desk Seal - Samuel Wernick

Seal Detail

An early German bronze notarial desk seal dating to the early 18th century, the handle of simple tall fin form with canted corners to a circular matrix, engraved with a central pastoral scene of large tree and landscape with the strong arm of God emerging out of a cloud, holding a sword with scales of justice beneath.  There is a circumscription within a lined border reading:

IO. SAMUEL WERNICK NOT PUBL. CAES. IMMAT * and an inner motto reading:

NON VI NON CLAM NEC PRECARIO -  A legal term meaning 'without force, without secrecy, without permission' 

The seal of Joseph Samuel Wernick, notary.

In excellent condition

Seal Specification

Height 20mm

Diameter of matrix  24mm 

Weight 16g