c1840 French Silver, Gilt, Brass, Rubies and Citrine Armorial Desk Seal

Seal Detail

Substantial and weighty French desk seal comprising a multiple of materials and exquisite detail and quality. The handle is composed of highly decorated gilt silver with rounded top in which an oval, faceted citrine is mounted.  The rim and stem are both highly decorated in fine detail, embellished around the upper portion with set citrines and drapes set with rubies.  The tapering stem is decorated with a fine pattern and terminates with a decorated band above which is stamped the Paris poincon mark.  The oval brass matrix is engraved with an armorial comprising shield, horseshoe and bird of peace, with helm above and crest of bird of peace sitting on a coronet.

The seal is presented in excellent condition save for some historical impact damage to two of the smaller citrines, as shown in the photos.

Seal Specification

Height 98mm

Diameter of matrix  22mmx26mm 

Weight 94g