Antique Smokey Crystal Double Matrix Desk Wax Seal - Uexküll Family, Estonia

Seal Detail

A fine and substantial rectangular section double-matrix smokey crystal desk seal, the handle of a single crystal with flat top and faceted edges, the top engraved with the initials B d U below a baron's coronet and stem with faceted corners to a hexagonal matrix extremely well engraved with the armorial with quarterings, twin crested helms and mantling for the family UEXKÜLL of Estonia.

The seal is presented in a wonderful condition, save for a slender slither of crystal that appears to have been removed on one side, together with its original satin-lined, green moroccan leather case.

Seal Specification 

Height 72mm

Diameter of upper matrix 25mmx22mm  Diameter of lower matrix 31mmx41mm

Weight 219g