Solid Silver London 1896 Desk Seal - George William Palmer

Seal Detail

A fine Victorian solid silver figurine desk seal, the handle cast in the form of cupid standing on a narrow pedestal, holding a bow in one hand (arrow presumably missing in the other).  The circular base is hallmarked for London 1898 with rubbed maker's mark and the obverse engraved with a crest, "Upon A Mount Vert, In Front Of A Palm-Tree Ppr., Three Escallops Fesseways Or" and motto reading:

PER CRUCEM AD PALMAM (Through the Cross to the palm"

The seal was made for George William Palmer, J.P. of 36 Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. London. From the late 1840's, George Palmer devoted more time to public service.  He became a councillor in 1850 and argued for better sanitation and public recreation grounds for the people of Reading, Berkshire.  In 1857, he was elected Mayor for the town.  On the day after his election, over-enthusiastic supporters fired off the old cannon that stood on the mound in Reading's Forbury Gardens, blowing out most of the windows in the vicinity! 

He died just before his eightieth birthday - a year after this seal was made - in 1897.

For information about George's business acumen, read this article on the famous Huntley & Palmer biscuit company! https://www.huntleyandpalmers.com/about-us/

Seal Specification

Height 70mm

Diameter of matrix  20mm 

Weight 41g