Silver, Lapis and Bloodstone Marriage Armorial Angelic Figurine Desk Seal

A well presented, intricately cast silver, lapis lazuli and bloodstone armorial desk seal

Seal Detail

This beautifully crafted silver, lapis lazuli and bloodstone desk seal is a superb example of the finest materials fashioned into a spellbinding sculpture figurine of winged angel.  The cast silver handle top is finely cast to show intricate decoration of individual feathers on the wings, smooth, polished torso and fine ivy garlands around the head and waist.  The tapering lapis handle of canted corners form terminates in a second ivy garland band around the rectangular mount, set with bloodstone matrix with canted edges, finely engraved with a double-armorial of the marriage of two families, as yet unidentified.  Above, is a motto reading

VINCIT VERITAS - Truth Prevails

Seal Specification

Height 92mm (3.62")

Diameter of matrix 15mmx14mm (0.59"x0.55"))

Weight 70g (2.46oz)