English c1450 Silver Fob Seal

A superb rare example of a 15th century medieval silver fob seal  finely cut with the Annunciation and the Blessed Virgin with inscription.

Seal Detail

An English fob seal, circa 1450, with quattrefoil pierced handle, almost faceted cushion spreading to form the oval matrix, finely cut with the Annunciation, the Blessed Virgin standing in the later stages of pregnancy with upraised hands, an inscribed banner issuing from the angel's mouth, within a gothic arch and sprocketed pinnacles, the border with remnants of a further inscription, the bases of the letters lost.

According to our research and files on record from the National Museum of Wales, it is believed the Black Letter Script inscription to have read: ave mari[e] on the central scroll, continued on the border with the legend:

GRACIA PLENA TECUM (Hail, full of Grace)

Seal Specification

Height 25mm (0.98")

Diameter of matrix 18mmx24mm (0.70"x0.94")

Weight 12g (0.42oz)