Gold and Hardstone Estate Desk Seal - Beeley, Derbyshire

Seal Detail

This is a very charming late 19th century gold metal and hardstone or glass tapering handle pocket seal. The handle is of a simple tapering carved form and we cannot be sure whether it is actually glass or stone but in any case it is semi translucent and green in colour. The rather attractive collar and cushion mount is attractively carved with a decorative pattern, and is probably gold but has not been tested. The shaped rectangular matrix is of bloodstone and has been carved with a stylistic name THE GREEVES, most likely the name of the estate and it is believed to be for the Greeves family of Beeley, Derbyshire who lived at their residence also called The Greeves. 

Overall the condition is very good with no obvious damage or chips to the glass handle and matrix.

Seal Specification

Height 39mm

Diameter of matrix  13mm x 12mm

Weight 8g