French Revolutionary Period Brass Military Pendant Wax Seal

Seal Detail

An unusual and captivating brass desk seal matrix, dating to circa 1799-1805 when the country was at civil war and the Republic was formed.  The seal displays Marianne holding a spear with the phrygian cap affixed, the fasces held in the other hand (with the letter W) and shield with the letter R (Republic) with VIVRES at base.  Inscription reading:


The seal for the French Republic military victualling service at that time.  Interestingly, the matrix has at some time been  made into a pendant by means of a hole drilled into the top part and ring affixed.  The reverse of the seal does not show that it had previously been mounted to a collar or desk handle. 

Seal Specification

Height 2mm

Diameter of matrix  25mm x 29mm

Weight 12g