19thC Silver, Gilt & Carnelian Figurine Desk Seal

Seal Detail

Superbly fashioned silver, silver gilt and carnelian armorial desk seal.  The handle topped with a highly detailed cast silver figurine of male lion fighting a bear, each dramatically posed with lion atop the bear, each having small rubies/garnets set as eyes.  The pair stand on a ground mounted on decorative gilt silver leading to a tapering and faceted striated agate stem comprised of hues of orange.  The stem terminates in a rectangular silver matrix with canted corners, engraved with a shield within which is a cypher, at base a pair of crossed floral branches.

This is a stunning desk seal with its realistic and  highly charged emotional scene of two fighting animals fighting to the death.  The quality of materials used is exquisite and although unmarked and unidentified, this is likely to be a Continental seal dating to the 19th century.   

Seal Specification

Height 73mm

Diameter of matrix 18mm x 20mm

Weight 90g