Late 17thC Wood & Brass Keeper of the Friars Valencia Desk Seal

Seal Detail

A substantial and attractive wood and brass ecclesiastical desk seal, the handle of turned fruitwood wood of mushroom top form and tapering stem, some historic damage apparent at the base at the point of fixture to the integral brass collar and vessica shaped matrix, the reverse engraved with the initials FGB, while the obverse is well engraved with the central figure of St Francis holding a crucifix with his left hand and Child with his right.  Inscription reading:


The Seal of the Custody (or Keeper) of the (Friars) Minor Conventual at Valencia.  A most attractive large seal with patina to the wood, a modest fixing rivet to the collar and nicely worn matrix with the addition of a set of initials to the reverse.

Seal Specification

Height 94mm

Diameter of matrix 38mm x 60mm

Weight 156g