French 19th Century Silver and Green Shagreen Desk Seal - Rollant Dolo Family

Seal Detail

A striking seal owing to its distinctive long Shagreen handle, with tapering stem and rounded top. The lower stem leading to a decorative banded silver collar and rectangular matrix. The coat of arms engraved into the matrix consists of a double shield beneath a helm and coronet, with two supporting lions, all encased in a lined border.

The silver square matrix is well cut with two shields under a marquess coronet with two lion rampant supporters, and the first arms are for the family ROLLANT DOLO. 

In the 17th and 18th centuries, shagreen quickly became fashionable amongst the French aristocracy, and migrated throughout Europe by the mid-18th century.The rawhide had a resurgence in desirability during the Art Deco period, when it was used on a broad range of items from furniture to luggage. 

There is visible damage to the handle along the top, owing to its age and delicate nature of its material.

Seal Specification

Height 10.5cm

Diameter of matrix  2.2cm x 2cm

Weight 39g