C1700 Saxony Brass Notary Desk Seal

Seal Detail

A circular brass desk seal with peg handle and the reverse featuring central imagery of a table, grass and writing paraphernalia including Divine arm with quill in hand.  The circumscription within a lined and beaded border reading:

Ioh. Henrich August Wolfram Not[arius] Publ{icus] Caes[areus] in Sax[oniae] Immatr[iculatus]

and second circumscription reading:

Veritae tingor et pietate duco quis mihi fidem negat

An intriguing seal by any standards and one displaying a great deal of imagery and text!  I particularly like the imagery of the Divine arm representing truth and the rather naive but honest interpretation of the grass on which the table stands.  Good early example.

Seal Specification

Height 20mm

Diameter of matrix 40mm

Weight 71g