Bronze Seal of Iohannes Cotereauv, Touraine 14th-15th Century

Seal Detail

A superb example of a personal bronze seal, dating to the late 14th century, early 15th century, the reverse comprising fin with suspension loop and obverse well engraved with a depiction of Our Lady and Child, with shield below with three lizards and circumscription within a lined and beaded border reading:


The family Cottereau (Cotereau) were lords of La Lussardiere in the 14th century, as well as  lords of Maintenon in 1505.  Jean Cottereau, son of Pierre Cottereau and of Marie Piquet, was Dean of St Sauveur de Blois and Prior of Cunault.

Seal Specification

Height 16mm

Diameter of matrix  36mmx56mm 

Weight 51g