Amethyst, Lapis and Gilt Continental Desk Seal

An early 19th century desk seal made from amethyst, lapis lazuli and gilt cagework, the matrix engraved with personal arms.

Seal Detail

An exceptionally attractive looking desk seal, dating the the early 19th century and made on the Continent, probably Austria.  The stunning handle is cut from a single piece of amethyst, with tapering stem and rounded top, the rim of which is encased in a finely chased cagework, mirroring that of the lower stem which is integral with a gilt collar, leading to a lapis lazuli cushion, the circular matrix engraved with the, as yet unidentified, personal arms within a roped border.

Seal Specification

Height 74mm (2.91")

Diameter of matrix 24mm (0.94")

Weight 70g (2.46oz)