Agate, Gold and Amethyst Estate Desk Seal - The Wish

A well presented agate, gold and amethyst desk seal relating to a named estate.

Seal Detail

This is a beautiful example of a desk seal made of three materials, agate, gold and amethyst stone.  The handle of rounded top form is made of a well carved single piece of heavily striated agate stone, made up primarily of dark browns and black with striking contrasting white.  The tapering stem terminates at a well engraved gold collar and integral cushion mount of foliate form, the rectangular amethyst matrix engraved with the name of an estate:


It is not known precisely where this might relate to although some speculation has been aired as to the The Wish Tower association near Eastbourne.

Seal Specification

Height 52mm (2.04")

Diameter of matrix 13mmx11mm (0.51x0.43")

Weight 20g (0.70oz)