C1811 English Carnelian Wood Armorial Desk Seal - Sir William MANSEL

Seal Detail

A superb, well proportioned wood and carnelian desk seal, the engraving of which dates probably after 1811 and belong to the family of Mansel, Baronets of Muddlescombe.

These armorial bearings may be blazoned as follows:

Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th Argent a chevron between three maunches sable (for Mansel) 2nd and 3rd Argent a lion rampant sable ducally gorged and chained or (for Phillips) charged at the fess point with the augmentation of a Baronet of England.

Crest: A chapeau gules turned up ermine enflamed at the top proper (for Mansel)

Given the marshalling of the quarterings of Mansel and Phillips as engraved upon this seal, it was undoubtedly commissioned after the death of Mary Mansel (died 27th December 1811).  Mary was the wife of Sir William Mansel (born 1st March 1738-9 died 14th January 1804, the 9th Baronet of Muddlescombe in the County of Carmenthenshire and the daughter and heiress of John Phillips, of Coedguing in the same county.  Evidentially, given its style we may surmise that this seal was engraved for use by Sir William and Mary's eldest son, Sir William Mansel (born 29th April 1766 died 20th August 1829), the 0th Baronet of Muddlecombe.

Seal Specification

Height 100mm

Diameter of matrix  29mmx35mm 

Weight 57g