1627 Bronze Personal Desk Wax Seal - S. Pierre Roje

Seal Detail

A superb personal bronze desk seal dated 1627, comprising of a flattened and rounded fin on the reverse with suspension loop and the obverse show a circular matrix, well engraved with a depiction of St Peter holding key in one hand and a strap holding an armorial in the other with an inscription reading:


There is some debate as to whether the seal refers to St Peter from Roje or whether it is a personal seal belonging to Pierre Roje.  But, in any case, the seal is in superb condition and comes with it's previous collection card and wax impression as well as a far-older identification tag No. 544 belonging to the Schuerhaus collection.

Provenance: Libert sale October 2008 

Seal Specification

Height 23mm

Diameter of matrix  34mm 

Weight 33g