19th English Gold and Crystal Triple Swivel Fob Seal

A rarely found 19th century English gold and crystal armorial personal swivel triple fob seal.

Seal Detail

This is a lovely example of a rarely found combination of crystal and gold triple swivel fob seal, of English origin and dating to the 19th century. The gold top features a suspension loop above an intricately carved and pierced handle of foliate form with locking device, somewhat loose in its fixing but intact.  The carved crystal matrices feature two engraved faces and one uncut.  The cut faces comprise crest of hand holding what appears to be scallop shell, the other matrix engraved with armorial comprising three birds within the shield. 

A beautiful seal.

Seal Specification

Height 47mm (1.85")

Diameter of matrix 19mmx22mm (0.74x0.86")

Weight 21g (0.74oz)