18th Century George III Gold & Carnelian Fob Seal - Sir Frederick Barnard

Seal Detail

A charming oval fob seal, with reeded S-shaped double support and carnelian armorial matrix. This gold seal is engraved with the arms of Barnard impaling Byde for Sir Frederick Augusta Barnard, principal librarian to George III. In 1776 George married Catherine, daughter of John Byde who was former Page of Honour in the household of Queen Caroline, consort of George II.

For an engraving after the portrait by John Prescott Knight of Sir Frederick apparently wearing the seal, see the National Portrait Gallery Ref: D602.

The seal is presented in superb condition with yellow metal suspension loop, the matrix appears to have no damage and is a fine example from this period.

Seal Specification

Height 29mm

Diameter of matrix  19 x 23mm

Weight 8g